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Epica Custom Logos & Artwork
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica

Add Your Image or Logo

At Epica, we're personalization specialists. We understand how important it is to own something personal so we are pleased to offer custom logo engraving on all our leather products. If you want to go beyond words and text, we can create a graphic or image for your book or album that will delight you. You may use a company logo, an image of your choosing, a specific font, or create a multi-lined inscription. A custom logo is also the only way we can emboss using a foreign language character set such as Russian or Chinese etc

Please read these instructions carefully before uploading your artwork:
We cannot make a die from a low resolution image, such as a logo downloaded from your website. Artwork must be crisp and clean. Think of the die as a steel rubber stamp where the imprinted area has positive (black) and negative (white) space with no in-between. What is black gets engraved and what is white will not. The above examples in our slideshow to create a successful die.

If you're uncertain whether your image will work, send it to us and we'll give you our recommendations.
If you don't have camera-ready art, or you have the perfect sketch but don't know how to digitize it, we do!

Epica works closely with the design house Printologie to offer four affordable tiers of logo assistance to meet any of your design needs.

Start designing your perfect logo, crest or emblem here.

- Very fine lines and ornate designs do not engrave well
- If you have an actual photograph, a drawing or sketch, color artwork or shades of grey or greyscale in your logo, you will want to use Printologie's services to convert your image.
- We cannot add a logo to wood products.

If your artwork is ready to go, simply fill out the form below and upload your black and white digital artwork on the next page

Allowed file extensions:
.tiff, .psd, .pdf, .ai, .zip, vector & line art

Logo stamping takes approximately 5-7 days before it ships
but can be rushed to 3-4

Your filename can not contain any spaces
or special characters when you upload it on the next page

Digital proofing is included for free with your order. You'll receive a digital rendering of your book via email, before it's embossed by our artisans.

Your custom logo/image die will be shipped with your order.

Price: $50.00

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Add Your Image or Logo

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