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Stamp or Emboss your Signature Convert your Color Logo to an Embossing
Epica Custom Logos & Artwork
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica

Design your Own Logo & Design Assistance

Do you have the perfect sketch for your custom embossing, but don't have high-quality digital art? Have you sketched out exactly what you want, but don't know how to make a digital graphic version?

Epica is proud to offer custom design services by: Design the Perfect Decorative Embossing

For over a decade, Epica has worked closely with the artists at Printologie to ensure that your artwork gets translated from digital format to the perfect logo, every time. We're so pleased with their work that we are making those same services available to you. Epica leads the market in customizing heirloom quality Italian leather books and your logo or decorative embossing should be equally as unique as your new book.

Printologie offers a 4-tier design service for Epica clients, including: digitizing paper drawings; converting color logos or crests and creating an entirely original piece of art for your book or album! For small changes and clean-ups, they'll also perfect your existing logo before handing it off to Epica embossers at an extremely affordable price.

Get started by clicking the button, or one of the options below:

Digitize your Design - Convert your Design - Create your Design

- Or choose an existing image from our vast stock -

Printologie can help if:

- You need your artwork digitized from paper version, or from a scan.
- Your logo contains any color or gray areas that should be solid black
(Remember that only solid black logos can be embossed)
- The lines of your logo look a little "rough" or jagged.
- You have a completely original idea you want to create!!

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