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  1. questionWhat is a custom die / monogramming plate? Can I keep it?
    Rather than just engraving letters into your Epica book, a custom die is something that did not exist until you commissioned us to have it made for you. It turns your art into tangible 2d form and allows us to heat the plate in our machine and "hot emboss" it for you. You actually, upon request ...
  2. questionCan we have our company logo, family crest, or my own artwork custom engraved onto your books or albums?
    Absolutely! Getting your company logo, family crest or anything else you would like onto one of our books has never been easier as we have fully integrated it into the Epica website. Our entire personalization page where you can add a logo, add custom calligraphy and add custom embossing is foun ...
  3. questionWhat format does my artwork need to be in?
    Artwork must be in black and white clean digital format and in one of the following formats: Vector format or line art PDF EPS file AI (Adobe Illustrator file) Corel Draw
  4. questionCan I also add custom embossing to my book if it has a logo?
    Absolutely. You can even do it in the same position as your logo. Say for instance you want your corporate or company logo in the upper center of the book. We can then emboss a name, date or inscription in the same position right beneath or above the logo.  There is a section for notes on the la ...
  5. questionWhat are all of my personalization options?
    We offer the following personalization options: 1. Personalized embossing: $20/line 2. Custom logos: EPICA stock images are just $15, a wider stock of images is available starting at $50, or you can send us your logo or emblem and we will place it onto your journal or album starting at $65 3. Cu ...
  6. questionHow do I add a Fleur De Lys to my book? Can I customize it?
    The exquisite symbol of Florence, the fleur de lys, can be custom engraved onto any solid distressed leather book or album. Too add one, simply scroll to the bottom of any product page you are viewing, and click "PERSONALIZATION". A new page will appear which will allow you to choose "Custom Lo ...
  7. questionHow long does it take to get a custom dye made?
    We can get it done pretty quickly. It is best to give us about 5-7 business days to create your die, set it up in our machine and custom engrave your product or products.
  8. questionWhat are heights of your embossing fonts in mm and cm?
    Many of our international clients would like specifics on our typeface. Though artistically, we choose the appropriate size font for you, you can override this upon request. We have compiled a data sheet for those who like to know the particulars. Goudy Block 36 Uppercase: .391" or .99314 cm or ...

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