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  1. questionI am scared to write in a journal this special or put my pictures in an album this gorgeous!
    Believe it or not this is a very large concern amongst our clientele. Our answer is simple. Everyone wants to have their memories last. Why not preserve your most cherished moments in something that is going to last through the generations? Pass something down to your family or children or gran ...
  2. questionAre your books really handmade?
    What it means when we say our products are handmade: Our leather is hand picked, hand colored, hand distressed, hand assembled, glued, folded, and otherwise entirely hand crafted in Italy by Florentine Artisans, piece by piece just for you. Each piece is then encased in its own complimentary gi ...
  3. questionWe are a store or online retailer and would like to carry Epica.
    Absolutely. Click onto our Wholesale Page to learn more. Stores can open an Epica account by meeting three of the following requirements: 1. Place a $1000 opening order 2. Have a valid resale number 3. Have a physical location or online enviroment from which to carry the line and 4. Sell the i ...
  4. questionCan I have the book embossed with gold leaf? Can you go into more detail?
    We have a wide assortment of options for personalization, the answers to which are available in the "Personalization & Tips" above.  You can also click the personalization link at the bottom of every page for full details. From our product pages, you can click "Personalize this item" n ...
  5. questionCan you accommodate large or custom orders and corporate gifts?
    Gladly. Just call 1-800-99-EPICA or 805-484-5374. If you are a store, you can also carry the Epica line as well. Generally speaking we will have up to 50 pieces of an item available for purchase at one time. 51-10,000 pieces can be custom ordered for you with only two requirements: Prepayment ...
  6. questionIs your pricing competitive?
    Fiercely. We work hard to pass on extra savings to you. Go to any boutique that carries truly handmade Italian photo albums or journals in solid leather. Photo albums go can reach $800 for one photo album from similar companies. When you buy from us you buy direct without anyone in the middle. W ...
  7. questionDo you offer a gift wrapping service?
    Indeed. Our gift wrapping package includes the gift box, gift wrap, raffia, tissue paper, and an Epica Fleur de lys seal, and a hand written gift message on fine stationery. Simply click personalize next to any Epica product and select gift wrap. This package is worth it.
  8. questionWhat does each Epica product come with? Does it have a box?
    Each Epica product is shipped in a larger outer box called a master shipper to protect your new Epica book in transit. Inside you will find a simple brown Epica gift box with the exquisite Epica logo on top. Inside of that you will find what you ordered wrapped in tissue paper and an Epica Fle ...

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