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  1. questionDo you ship internationally?
    YES! We will ship our Epica products to you across the globe. We also provide several expedited international shipping options that will get you a package in say, Australia, faster than ground shipping across the United States. Simply select your country from the drop down menu during checkou ...
  2. questionI reside outside the United States, I am not sure if I feel comfortable shipping such an expensive journal from so far away?
    About 15% of our orders come from our international clients from around the world, so we are very familiar with the process. Basically the ordering process is exactly the same. We use GUARANTEED shipping methods which you get to choose from: USPS or UPS. We not only pack your Epica book inside ...
  3. questionWhat currency do you use and what is the exchange rate?
    All Epica transactions are in US Dollars (USD) Epica has nothing to do with the exchange rate that your issuing bank will charge to convert from USD to, for example, Yen, Euro, Sterling, Pounds etc. Check your local currency, you will be surprised at how well most countries are doing against th ...
  4. questionHow do I format my international address?
    Japan First Name Enter your first name Karen Last Name Enter your last name Gilligan Address Enter your address 1-3-5- Kanamachi Address2 Enter more of your address City Enter your city name Tokyo State / Province Leave on "New York" Country Enter "Japan" Japan Postal Code Enter you ...
  5. questionWhat International shipping options are available?
    Several. We make every effort to ensure that your international experience with Epica is as swift and effortless as possible. In many cases, your order will arrive quicker internationally than it would shipping coast to coast in the US.  The United States Post offices offers 4 shipping options w ...
  6. questionDo you charge extra for international orders?
    Absolutely not! There are NO additional taxes or surcharges from Epica. You are paying us exclusively for the product, the optional personalization and the shipping of your product. HOWEVER, almost all countries impose import duties or taxes for merchandise that comes into the country, which are ...

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