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  1. questionWhat is Handmade Paper from the Amalfi Coast?
    It is pure over the top beauty. Sometimes of course, too much is just enough. That is why the more discriminating customer may choose to have any style of journal amply filled with handmade paper from the Amalfi Coast. It is our most premium paper available! Its texture thick with a very larg ...
  2. questionWhat is the difference between handmade Amalfi paper and hand cut paper?
    This is an excellent question. Our Amalfi paper is completely made by the hands Amalfi artisans. It started out as cotton fibers and tiny wood chips and has been soaked, then pressed into the rich thick fabric like stock with our signature torn edge look. Often the pages are watermarked. They ar ...
  3. questionAre your journals unlined?
    Yes and No. Most Epica journals are classically unlined which preserves the Italian styling of our books. It is actually very difficult to come across a very well made lined journal… except for ours! We are proud to offer both a 6x9 and 9x12 lined journal with our same signature distress ...
  4. questionHow many pages does each type of journal have?
    AMALFI JOURNALS: 70 sheets = 140 pages front and back JOURNALS WITH HAND-CUT PAGES: 150 sheets = 300 pages front and back WORLDS THICKEST HAND-CUT PAGE JOURNAL: 500 SHEETS = 1000 pages front and back WORLDS LARGEST & SECOND LARGES HAND-CUT PAGE JOURNAL: 400 sheets = 800 pages front and back CLAS ...
  5. questionWhat journals are suitable for what pen types? Will they bleed through?
    UNLINED AMALFI PAPER JOURNALS AND GUEST BOOKS: You can use all types of pens and ink with these books with the exception of FOUNTAIN AND QUILL PENS. It is not so much that you can not use them as much as they tend to skip because the tooth of the Amalfi paper is so large. HAND CUT PAPER JOURNA ...
  6. questionHow do your guest books work? What is written inside?
    Almost of all of them have absolutely nothing written inside, and for good reason. Because of the vast amount of difference between what each person wants to have in their guest book from signatures only, to addresses and emails, to small comments, we have found that offering blank books is the ...
  7. questionWhat are the exact inside page dimensions in inches for your Journals & Guest Books?
    All measurements are in inches and constitute the total writing area for your book. We will include the thickness of the entire book for your reference as well: Measurements will be the same for all journal and guest books including solid distressed leather, reclaimed antiquated wood, medieval ...
  8. questionAre your journals refillable?
    All Epica journals and guestbooks are permanantly hand bound, with one exception. All hard cover, distressed leather journal book blocks are bound to the leather front and back panels of the book using a special thick green paper stock called a fly-leaf. This, in addition to a book marker, are ...
  9. questionCan I mount pictures in your journals?
    You certainly can but you have to remember that each picture will make your journal a little thicker. So as you add more pictures, the cover will lift and lift. You can also feel free to remove pages at your discretion to make more room for photographs.
  10. questionI need a guest book with particular infomation inside. What do I do?
    With the broad spectrum of single elements that clients want in their guest books ranging from: name, signature, address, email, a small paragraph or any combination thereof, it becomes exceedingly difficult to find a solution. But Epica has found a way around this: BLANK, UNLINED OR LINED GUEST ...
  11. questionWhat types of paper do you put in your journals?
    For starters, all acid free and archival pages. We have FIVE different types of paper that can be put into our journals. The type of paper you select determines the sizes that are available. The following is a brief description of each along with their sizes: Handmade Pages from the Amalfi Coast ...
  12. questionWhat color will my book be?
    Most clients are thrilled to know that Epica books tend to come in a rich shade of brown. As you know by now, each and every piece is one of a kind and stained by hand. To get as close of an idea as you can to color, click a few of the smaller images below their product descriptions. When they a ...
  13. questionIs the paper inside your journals acid free and archival?
    Yes! All of our pages in every type of journal, photo album or any other book we sell are completely free of acid and are archival.

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