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  1. questionAn Embossing Tutorial and Some Tips
    Choosing the options to personalize your book is as much a personal choice as the book you selected. Think of the embossing lines as the title of your book or album.   Need some inspiration? Click here for some examples of how people have personalized their journals and albums here: Embossing Ex ...
  2. questionA bit of history on Embossing and Engraving
    Hot stamping has been around for decades. You have probably heard many terms for what we do: personalization, embossing, debossing, blind stamping, engraving, hot stamping, hot foil stamping etcetera. To avoid confusion, we specialize in the art of engraving your choice of names, words, sentimen ...
  3. questionHow do I add a Fleur De Lys to my book? Can I customize it?
The exquisite symbol of Florence, the fleur de lys, can be custom engraved onto any solid distressed leather book or album. This process is fully integrated it into the Epica website, along with any other logo you want. You can start right here! Sizing : 
Small is VERY small and s ...
  4. questionIf I have more than 1 line in the same position, how will it work ?
    What is great about personalizing more than one line in the same position (i.e. direct center) is that we will ALWAYS perfectly center one line under the other for you. Such is the case with 3, 4, or 5 lines. There will be at least a quarter inch of space between each line. We do whatever make ...
  5. questionWhat Types of Personalization Do You Offer?
    Epica is proud to offer you the most robust and unique personalization and customization options in the world. Not only can you basically build your own book or album by customizing size, paper, style and look, but we also have the following available to you: Monograms, or Initials :  This is fu ...
  6. questionHow Does Personalization Work?
    Our design artisans pick, letter by letter, the type necessary to inscribe your book. It gets perfectly aligned in our hand operated embossing machines and heated to about 230 degrees. We then go through a meticulous process of lining your book up perfectly on a platform so that your sentiments ...
  7. questionHow Fast Can I Get My Personalized Order?
    The short answer is: BY EIGHT THIRTY TOMORROW MORNING! (as long as you submit your order by 1pm eastern standard time) To do this : select same day embossing, same day ship out, during checkout, select UPS Next Day Air as your shipping option. Due to order volume, it takes up to FOUR business d ...
  8. questionWhat does BLIND embossing mean?
    Blind simply means "without color." Blind embossing means we simply push the impression of your words into the leather. This option is very subtle and un assuming and does not leap out at you on the book. About 30% of Epica clients choose this option.
  9. questionWhat foil colors can I personalize my book with?
    If you elect to personalize your book with a color, we have the following available listed in terms of popularity: Gold, copper, silver, ivory, black, burgundy, and metallic baby blue. Gold, copper and silver have luster to them and stand out on the book in a very attractive way without being t ...
  10. questionCan I select what size font to use or how big the letters are?
    Many clients worry unnecessarily about font size, or how big the letters will actually be on their book.  Epica takes full artistic control over selecting the right size font for the right size book or album. If you are curious to know we have three font sizes in Goudy, Old English and Goudy Sc ...
  11. questionCan you put our company logo, family crest or my artwork onto Epica products?
    Absolutely! Getting your company logo, family crest or anything else you would like onto one of our books has never been easier as we have fully integrated it into the Epica website. Simply click here to learn more and upload your artwork. (A vector file or eps file is best.) You can do it in on ...
  12. questionWhat is the character limit per line? Can it be exceeded?
    You have got a total of 30 characters including punctuation, numbers, spaces and letters to work with. You may use symbols like quotation marks, dashes and exclamation points.  Should you find that you are embossing a large book and need a few extra characters please do the following:  On the pe ...
  13. questionI want it to be classy. Will it look good?
    Absolutely! It is actually very difficult to make something look bad. Ninety five percent of all Epica clients personalize their books. We receive more testimonials than we can put on the site. Remember also, that if you do not personalize your book, we have a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK G ...
  14. questionIs it hard for me to personalize online?
    No. The whole process on your end has been created to be fun and extremely easy to do. You get full control of what you want to say, where you want to say it, along with the what color you would like on your product and the style or font it will be written in! All this from the privacy of yo ...
  15. questionWhat are heights of your embossing fonts in mm and cm?
    Many of our international clients would like specifics on our typeface. Though artistically, we choose the appropriate size font for you, you can override this upon request. We have compiled a data sheet for those who like to know the particulars. Goudy Block 36 Uppercase: .391" or .99314 cm or ...

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