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  1. questionHow do I mount my photographs into Epica albums?
    Inserting pictures into your new Epica album is fun and easy to do. Our albums are identical to old world style photo albums with thick blank acid free pages. There are several options available to you to suit your style. offers the following three solutions for mounting: Transparent ...
  2. questionWhat are the actual inside page dimensions of your photo albums?
    Excellent question. The exact actual measurements of each Epica photo album is always a little tricky as Italians measure in centimeters and as you should know by now, all Epica leather products come from Florence.  This means that even on the final measurement you can give or take 1/8th of an i ...
  3. questionWhat is the exact weight versus the shipping weight of each album?
    The exact weight is first, followed by the billable shipping weight rounded up to the next pound. 9x6 album = 1.2 lbs / 3 lbs 9x10 album = 1.7 lbs / 3 lbs 10x12 album = 3.0 lbs / 5 lbs 12x12 album = 4.0 lbs / 6.0 lbs 14x14 album = 5.6 lbs / 8 lbs 18x18 album = 10 lbs / 12 lbs
  4. questionWill my unique & unusual sizes photos fit in your album?
    Yes they always will. Read about the exact inside page dimensions of each album size by clicking here. As long as your pictures are slightly smaller, they will fit. Remember not to cut it too close as you will want at least a small border around each picture.  Naturally, we always carry the Worl ...
  5. questionSo do your albums have 50 or 100 pages?
    On our larger size albums, which are size 10x12 and up, there are 50 acid free archival INDIVIDUAL SHEETS with rice paper separators in between.  100 pages means using the front and back of each sheet.  The same applies with our 30 SHEET albums. They are 60 pages front and back. Pages are perman ...
  6. questionThese albums look different than what I have seen. How do they work?
    All Epica photo albums are very different than what most people have seen on the market today. When doing surveys we have found that most clients are tired of cheap albums that do not hold up, or really expensive wedding albums that their photographer offers then that look fake and plastic like. ...
  7. questionHow many pages do your albums have? What are their sizes and options?
    Epica albums are unique in many ways. Our two smaller sizes are: 9x6 9x10 Both have 30 acid-free archival  SHEETS or 60 total pages front and back.   These two albums come with cream colored pages. Our 5 larger sizes are: 10x12 12x12 14x14 14x10 18x18 Each of these larger wedding / photo album ...
  8. questionWhat color will my album be exactly?
    Most clients are thrilled to know that Epica books tend to come in a darker shade of brown than the how your monitor may display images.  As you know by now, each and every piece is one of a kind and stained by hand.  To get as close of an idea as you can to color, click a few of the smaller ima ...
  9. questionWill my album look just like the picture?
    Of course not and that is great news. Each and every Epica product is a one of a kind masterpiece.  We have lighter pictures on our web sites and affiliate web sites so that you can see more detail on your computer screen. Generally our leather ranges from a very rich dark glossy brown, almost b ...
  10. questionDo all Epica products use acid free archival paper?
    Yes! All of our pages in every type of journal, photo album or any other book we sell are completely free of acid and are archival.

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