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How do I mount my photographs into Epica albums?

Inserting pictures into your new Epica album is fun and easy to do. Our albums are identical to old world style photo albums with thick blank acid free pages. There are several options available to you to suit your style. offers the following three solutions for mounting:

Transparent or black photo mounting corners
$6 per box of 250
Acid-free mounting squares
$6 per box of 250 and $9 per box of 500

You may already be familiar with our old-fashion photo corners from seeing them in your parents or great grand parents photo albums.  The photo corner is in essence a small triangle sleeve with adhesive on the back. Four corners mount one picture. Take one photo corner and slide it over the edge of each corner of your photograph and set it into your Epica album.  You decide how to arrange each of your photographs They slide on the corner of each picture without harming your photograph and stick to your album. Your pictures still remain removable.

The mounting squares can by easily applied by peeling the small double sided squares from the dispenser, sticking them on to your photos and then mounting them into your album. We guarantee them to stick well to all Epica albums.

For the next solutions, you can go into any stationery store or even Staples to purchase the following:

An acid free glue stick
Photo adhesive dots
Acid free double sided tape

Simply apply the tape, glue or dots to the back of your photograph and set it in the page where you would like it to be mounted.

Every Epica photo album is interleaved with a sheet of rice paper vellum that protects all of your photographs. Your photos and memories will never turn rancid in our albums.

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Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica


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