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These albums look different than what I have seen. How do they work?

All Epica photo albums are very different than what most people have seen on the market today. When doing surveys we have found that most clients are tired of cheap albums that do not hold up, or really expensive wedding albums that their photographer offers then that look fake and plastic like. As many of you know the albums that have been popular over recent years where you slide your picture behind some plastic, not only tends to have a very tacky look but, we have found those albums are usually full of acid and turn your pictures yellow within a couple of years. 

At Epica you will never find two things: Plastic and yellow photographs.

Sometimes the way things used to be done is a better way than we can ever do them today. We find that to be true with our photo albums, wedding albums and scrapbooks. Each page of an Epica album consists of two components:

A very thick blank cream or black page suitable for mounting photos and
a translucent rice paper separator to protect each picture and prevent photos mounted on opposite pages from touching.

Rather than forcing your pictures into a plastic sleeve or having them stick onto some nebulous gummy surface, this open format gives you more creative control over your memories. You choose where the pictures get mounted in the album, how many pictures you will put on each page, and should you wish, what you will write next to each picture.

To learn how easy it is to mount pictures in our albums. please see the question: How do I mount my photographs into Epica albums?

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Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica


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