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Can I also add custom embossing to my book if it has a logo?

Absolutely. You can even do it in the same position as your logo. Say for instance you want your corporate or company logo in the upper center of the book. We can then emboss a name, date or inscription in the same position right beneath or above the logo.  There is a section for notes on the last page of your shopping cart, right before you submit your order. Feel free to be detailed about what you would like there.

Be sure to also select the same positions on both the personalization page and the logos page.

An example of your notes might be:
"Please emboss the die 1.5 inches down from the top and then add the text right beneath it"

Generally speaking as you work your way through the personalization process, you are offered all four personalization options, (Embossing, Logos, Calligraphy & Gift Wrap) then as you submit one, you are offered the remaining 3, 2, then 1. You can checkout at any time or completely customize your Epica product.

If you are not provided with more personalization options after adding each option to your cart, you can Click here to select a personalization option of your choice, or click the personalizaion link from the bottom of any page.

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Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica


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