Intro to what we really want

We can all agree that information comes at us from  more angles than we’d probably like.  I once learned that on average the human eye sees something to the tune of 10,000 advertisements on a given day. We get junk snail mail, junk email, and a lot of junk phone calls.  To our credit however, we’re one phrase and one click away from learning about any subject on the planet via the world wide web and in most cases we can watch a video about it. But what do we do with it all and is bringing us joy?  It’s easy to get lost, and forget what we were even searching for as we engross ourselves with other people’s ideas, other people’s books, and other people’s advice on how to live your life.  But is there someone outside of us who knows better?  Is there a force outside of us who knows better? Who knows what you like and desire most? Who better to be in control of the vessel we call ‘self’ than ourselves? No one.  So many people will happily tell you what to do, how to live and what action you need to take but the truth of the matter is they can only do so from their self-oriented viewpoint.

After decades of weeding through other people’s books and videos on self help, life, business, religions, spirituality and more, I’ve discovered a better way.  I want to propose a different way thinking and writing that can, no matter where you are in life, transform your ability to create change and happiness and get all those goodies you’ve been wanting. Oh and by the way it doesn’t require money, the need to join a religion or sell your soul. It just requires that you do what I tell you to do. Kidding.  You’ve got what it takes, we just need to do a little tuning.

And a little tuning means change.  The only constant is change, but where to go from here?  How can we show ourselves that even things that displease us when they seem to happen ‘to’ us, are actually things that happen ‘for’ us? How do we get what we want?

Consider this somewhat elusive obvious statement: everything in the world that we want or desire, we want because we believe that in the having of it, we will feel better.   Another way of wording it is to say that we believe we will be better off, or grow or expand.   Well, it turns out we have no choice but to grow and expand and that feeling, ‘feeling better,’ feels to you, in your chest, like something ranging from relief to exquisite pleasure and inspiration.

And what do we really want? Joy. We want joy.  We want one fulfilling experience after another whether that comes in the form of helping others get what they want or the road to getting what we want.

Expansion and growth are inevitable. The only question is, are YOU allowing yourself to keep up to speed with who you see yourself as and what you want yourself to be or become?  In fact, the only questions you’ll ever need to ask yourself are:  Do you regularly spend time imagining how good it feels to be that new expanded version of you and not who you are right now so that you know the feeling place of it? Are you feeling your way into your dream or fantasy or goal by picking different thoughts about it and seeing what kind of reaction you get in your chest, and then leaning in that direction with similar thoughts? Are you living, in your head, the way you see yourself living? Can you get to where you want to be mentally, without ever seeing evidence of it physically? Can you, as some people might say, keep the faith?  Are you following your bliss?  When you get to the place of answering these with a resounding yes, all the signs and evidence in the world that supports your vision will begin to show up on your doorstep quickly and easily.

And that’s friends, is creation. That is manifestation.  And that is what each of these posts will help you to do. Your creation. You expansion.  Easily, effortlessly and with a smile. Let’s do it.