How to get what you want out of life

Let’s pick up the subject of anything you desire in your life right now.  Seriously, take a moment to bring it to the front of your mind and write it down in your Epica journal.  It might be money, a partner, a happy relationship, or freedom.  As you begin to think about why you want those things or feelings, notice the feeling place of it.  In other words, what is the emotional response you have around that subject. First identify if it’s positive or negative, good or bad and then try to label the feeling. 

For example: Money. How do I feel about it? Wish I had more of it.  Wish I could pay this or that off. That feels like lack. Lack is negative. 

“Relationship: I’ve got a wife. I love her to pieces. She’s wonderful. We’re getting along so well and we’re both so supportive of each other.” That sounds abundant, and positive.

Now, here’s one of life’s secrets:  The secret to having anything that you desire, is finding the feeling place of how good it feels to have it now, without having it now.  There is a very real gap between how you feel about the lack of that which you desire and the feeling place and knowing place of actually living it, actually knowing it’s yours.  Your work is to close that gap.  There are dozens of ways to word this but you’re playing with your thoughts until you can get a visceral response from your body of the joy of having it or the relief that comes from getting it.  Writing  it down makes that process happen even faster.

With the global popularity of “manifesting,” (We all do it, some just create faster and easier than others) and the surfacing of perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the world [exactly, this is not new, but it has been a secret and we all possess the tools to live this way]: that we are in fact in control of our lives and can create our own reality or life we want to live, there has never been a better time to be alive and begin creating that which you desire no matter who you are and where you are. And the great news is, you’re going to do it all on your own.

So, I’ll define “manifesting” as bringing something into one’s life that otherwise did not exist before.  It existed in thought form, as everything we own now or are living now was first thought into being.  That is to say we wanted it first before it came to us.  We asked before it was given, and in order to get anything you want you have to ask for it even if you’re asking yourself.  For many, the idea of manifestation is the presence of physical proof that you did “it” or brought “it” into your life and now here he/she/it/those feelings/experiences sit before you.   Are you with me so far?

Let’s bring this to a close so you can get in on the fun of your own life.  Sometimes when things are really good we forget to notice the absence of things that are really bad. I like to remind myself of the absence of those things to feel even better. So, you may not notice that while there is something valuable and powerful for you to learn and apply to your life on every page, there is no convincing or forcing going on here. No pushing, no “buy this, drink that, join our club” or gettting charged reoccurring monthly fees-all of which I don’t allow in my own personal life and so we’ll have none of it here [I understand what you’re saying about the fees (and I like the creativity of it), but try rewording it a bit to make it more precise].  I’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that we’ll [who is “we”? Make sure you are consistent with the usage of “we” and “I”] never suggest that what you are doing is the wrong way and we’ll never suggest that there is only one singular way to fulfill your desires.  There are many, many roads that lead to fulfillment and success.

We will however recommend that you engage in one of the most powerful acts on the planet as often as you can and that is to put it all down in your own hand written words.  And if you’re willing to do that in your own way and how you want to do it, then what better place to treasure and keep those words safe, than in than an exquisite Epica journal? But it is, of course, only a suggestion.

 For example:

“I want more money because…”  Because you love the idea of financial freedom?  Because you love how good it feels to be able to say, “I can buy that, and that and that and that…”? Why do you want more money?

“I want to take more vacations or spend more time with my family because…”  Because you love how it feels to be free? To just take off from the day-to-day life, arrive at a destination and explore something new? Because your family brings you joy? How does it feel when you get to do that?

Trace any feeling back to its roots and the simple answer becomes, “I want it because it feels good,” OR, “I want it because in the having of it, I will feel better than I feel now.”

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