Deborah Messing – The Starter Wife and Epica Hand Marbleized Journals

starterwifejournal1Sometimes leather just gets too much credit. If you’ve ever seen the new hit show The Starter Wife, you know Deborah Messing keeps a very unique journal shown here:

The Starter Wife Epica Hand Marbleized Journal

Certainly this is something very different than what we’re used to seeing.  In the World of Epica, we find that most people are fascinated with Italian Leather and generally select our solid leather line as special purchase.  Certainly,  we would never dissuade anyone from that type of purchase because after all, it is our specialt, but there is another  little known secret about Florence and Tuscany where so many other wonderful goodies like food, jewelry, wine and leather come from, and that is the phenomenon and timeless nature of Hand Marbleized Florentine Paper. There is a great deal of history that goes along with such paper but for this post we just want to let you know how it’s made because we’ve witnessed it first hand…

It’s a matter of opinion but in many ways Hand Marbleized Florentine paper when totally hand made (and not photo copied) is even more unique and special than leather because each piece is one of a kind.  Literally no two pieces on the planet will ever be identical and here’s why:

It all starts in a basin full of mixed oils or acrylic in several unique colors.  A Florentine artisan literally creates ‘marble’ designs inside the basin and creates the perfect design using various tools and brushes.  Think of oil painting in it’s freest form.  Once sufficient colors have been added, blended and played with, a rather large sheet of special water and oil resistant paper is then set on top of the oils to transfer the design.  Various techniques are used to remove the paper which gives it unique swirls, shapes, sizes and in some cases the more famous peacock look.  The now hand marbleized paper is then laid out to try an racks that resemble large cookie sheets to dry.

Once dry the paper can now be used in place of leather to create one of a kind masterpieces in the form of journals, guest book and photo albums.  On higher end journals the corners are capped in leather as well as the spine and 1/4 of the book itself to prevent fraying and unnecessary damage during ordinary use.  The result is something quite extraordinary. We find that, just like different fabrics or bed linens, simply gazing at one of these books uplifts your mood — assuming of course you like the color scheme , but that’s what getting to choose your own is all about.

If you ever want to know more, drop us a comment and we’ll reply asap with everything we know from our knowledge base.  Hand Marbleized  Paper products also make amazing accent pieces for the home or office and help to tie in colors and themes or add a splash of color to an otherwise muted surrounding. We prefer them by the stack!