Epica announces new custom & military logo options

t_351One of our favorite things to do at Epica is creating new ways for our clients to personalize their purchases in ways they never thought possible while still making it affordable. Traditionally, words like ‘custom’ clash with words like ‘budget’ or ‘within reach.’  But this month the we’ve come together to bring you something very special:  It is now possible to visit Epica.com, select from over three hundred new stock logos, and have that image hand-engraved onto your Epica book, journal, guest book or photo album.

Start by browsing through over twelve pages of images to find the logo or image that gives your book new meaning for you or a loved one.  For example, do you know anyone in the military, marines, navy or air force?  Chances are we’ve got their wings or insignias.  Is someone in your family or circle of friends a sports fanatic, we’ve made everything available from dice, footballs and basketballs to figures doing karate and gymnastics.  Some are whimsical and silly, others will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Traditionally, creating your own custom logo at Epica carries a cost of about $150 to turn your artwork in to a physical metal logo block that we mount and engrave on your book.  If you’ve got a specific logo or image you want to use, this is the way to go. But now, not only can you are there hundreds of images to choose from but we’re also cutting the cost by over 65% and starting our pricing for logos at only:

$50 for small

$60 for medium and

$70 for large

If you’ve shopped with us before you know that we’re extremely committed to giving you the most elegant, clean and easy online shopping experience and that is no different here.  To create your own logo from our collection of stock images, it’s simple:

1. Browse the detailed images pages until you find the logo you want and select its item code from the drop down menu on the same page.  There’s also a place to describe  it to be sure you selected the right image.

2. Select the size you’d like, the position you’d like it on the book and the color you’d like it stamped in, if any.

3.  Shop for the book, guest book, album or wine log you’d like to engrave it on and checkout.

Oh, and one more thing:  Before you even spend $50-70 to create your own logo, be sure to take a look here to see if someone already created what you wanted.  Stock dies that we have already created can be engraved on your book for only $15. And if you create a logo yourself and want it on more than one book it’s also only $15 for each additional book.

Feel free to email us or post below with any questions or comments as they are always welcome and we hope you find this new service very useful. Already we’ve seen a lot of clients use our Fleur de Lys and crosses, so we’re thrilled to see such a great response. We’re excited to hear your feedback and have you take advantage of this very special new service.