Baxter Finley Barber

So my barber. He helped me pick a college, actually drove me there for a school tour, and this school was three hours away. He had been my barber since birth, and was with me until his far too premature passing during my 29th year. I never cheated. I did visit other barbers or salons when out of town but never cheated. He was an influential force in my life, taught me about business, taught me how men talked, allowed me to see in to a world I was not exposed to. There was a bottle of scotch on the shelf hidden behind the hair tonic, and a case of beer in the soda cooler. Though not of age there were no questions. But I did have to sit there until I finished the scotch, later I would site there for an hour or two, having a drink, making calls and sharing in the men’s club banter. I miss Bob, he was a friend and helped shape the man I have become. Hopefully Baxter Finley will be that kind of place.

Baxter Finley a mans shop.

Remember the car barber's chair as a child?
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