Epica specializes in the finest Italian distressed leather journals, leather photo albums and specialty books. Some people are not familiar with what distressed leather 'should' look like so we've added this slide show to help. You'll notice almost all descriptions include the line, "signature distressed solid leather construction, subtle inconsistent color marbling and scarring with handcrafted abrasions." Above you'll see examples of this. They are never scratches or actual damage to the book done by human hands. Rather it is just a natural characteristic of leather that has not been combed over and intended to look flawless. We're going for perfection in imperfection, beauty in the differences and uniqueness in our craft. Al of these abrasions or scarring from the animal make each piece unique. And while you may receive an item that has little or none of the above markings, it's important to know that it is a natural part of our Italian journal making process

Our sale section of the site is for books and albums where the distressing is lightly more than usual and so we offer an incentive. The book or album, unless otherwise stated, flawless and new on the inside. In many cases people do not even notice the difference between sale items and full retail. Under no circumstances does this mean used, worn, returned or a second hand product. If you like an even more worn look where natural scarring and and coloring occur, then this is the place to shop. All sale books are brand new and handmade in Florence Italy. Don't hesitate to call us or email us before ordering as sale items are not returnable or refundable.


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