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 Andrew Chang
Epica Item: Lined
Hey. It's Andrew Chang. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and time. The service you delivered was excellent and the quality of the product is just amazing.

I applaud you for the great work that your company and you have accomplished. It's something truly special to be able to envision, create, and deliver such a gift of an aged leather journal, filled with fresh, blank pages holding the hope and promise of all her best dreams, all my favorite memories, and all our most cherished love.

I have been looking for a long time for something worthwhile to hold all the beautiful moments of life that seem too infinite to be captured and too fragile to be kept. I needed something rare, something soft, something strong, that could do justice to the story that we were writing together. I wanted something that had the elegance of tradition with the essence of romance.

As promised, this is the direct link to the article she wrote on the Epica experience. archive/194

This is her general website, We received the lovely journal a week ago, but she could not post Epica on the top due to obligations to other advertising agents which wanted their articles to be on the top for 24 hours.

I realized a luxurious leather journal would provide the most suitable means for such an undertaking. But I didn't want just any leather journal. I wanted the best journal in the world. And I found Epica.

The personalized leather journal has such power imbued within it. Opening Epica felt like opening the Bible, the Koran, or any other ancient, holy, sacred texts. Within these pages, we could walk to the places that we cannot remember, that we cannot forget.

Thank you for that.

Once again, thank you so much for everything, Mr. Tari. I will gladly order more products in the future when I return to the states for my family, who all love journals.

PS This is her address book that she has published. store/ha-chu/

She is building her own brand right now of various books, clothes, and such.

Andrew Chang
One happy girl!

Epica Item: Hand Cut
Dear Epica,
Many many thanks for journal, love it, I am postgraduate med law
student and have splashed out on the best looking notebook ever. Book
arrived here in scotland this evening which is amazing, your
turnaround time was less than a week,
Best wishes!

 Small Business Owner
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
City: Plano
State: TX
United States of America
As an owner of a business in Dallas, T.X. I understand what it means to deliver not only a quality product with an easy order process; but I also understand what it means to be able to back up what you say. I was a little nervous about blindly spending money on something I knew nothing about and was counting the days untill my order arrived. Well, I just received my Epica book today and I can honestly say that I am truly impressed with not only the quality but also exceeding my expectations. I got exactly what I was expecting and then some. You not only have a customer for life; but I'm even cosidering carrying your line on my storefront. Well done and continued success.

 Dr. Ralph Driscoll
Epica Item: Wine Log
City: Memphis
State: TN
United States of America
Hello folks at Epica,

I cannot thank you enough for the terrific job you did with my "super rush" order! Talk about customer service!

I wanted a special gift, just from me, for my son on his wedding day next week. Being a man, I kept putting it off until I thought it was too late. My wife, however, came to the rescue and came up with the idea of a wine journal. She found you online and not only did you have a most beautiful journal, you offered rush personalization along with rushdelivery. Finally! A company that truly serves a man's needs!

I will be so proud to present it to him this coming week along with a bottle of "Grand Dame, 1996" which hopefully will be the first label he puts in his journal.

Many thanks for bailing me out with such a beautiful product and your excellent service.

 D. Percival
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
City: Sunbury on Thames
United Kingdom
I will be using my Leather Journal with Handmade Amalfi Pages to create a memory book crammed with photographs and anecdotes for an extremely well respected colleague who is retiring after 40 years service. I am sure [he] will take great pleasure in 're-visiting' all his locations and remembering his dear friends and colleagues!
I have chosen this product above all else due to the quality of the binding together with the handmade paper. I searched the Web and wanted a quality product which I believe we have found in Epica.
I love everything about it and want one myself! The journals are beautiful ...

D. Percival
Sunbury on Thames, United Kingdom

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