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 Jeffrey Baksinski
Epica Item: Recipe Book
City: North Hills
State: California
United States of America
The seller was excellent. There was a minor mistake with my product, and they shipped me a new one the next day. This was especially impressive since there was custom engraving as well and I had a deadline (yep... last minute anniversary gift).

Overall, it was excellent. The customer service is top notch and the product (in this case a leather recipe book) was great.
Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Good
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Good
Customer Service Rating: Excellent

Jeffrey Baksinski
North Hills CA

 Dan Meade
Epica Item:
City: Seattle
State: Washington
United States of America
Dear Epica,

I canít say enough to express how impressed I am with the quality of both the service and product that are Epica. I ordered three of Epica's beautiful photo albums embossed (two 9x6" albums and one 12x12").

I'm just putting the finishing touches on these wedding photo albums for our parents and I'm surprising my husband with the 12x12" album this Christmas.

They are beautiful, and are as high a quality as the albums we fell in love with in Italy on our honeymoon just three months ago.

Having the leather embossed made it even more personal and is so exquisite looking.

Your level of service was amazing and made purchasing the very thing we hope becomes a family heirloom feel so special.

It's hard to believe that someday our children will be turning those pages and commenting on how young we once looked.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Epica,
Dana Meade
Seattle, Washington

 Joan Ward
Epica Item: Handmade Amalfi Pages
City: Propr Lake
State: Minnesota
United States of America
I received the leather books you embossed and sent yesterday. They have far surpassed my expectations of quality. Thank you once again for saving my neck -- it is appreciated more than you know.

EPICA is now my new "go to" source for corporate gifts and personalize family items. (Hopefully, I'll never flub up again on the embossing). Thank you so much

Joan Ward
Prior Lake MN

 Jeffrey Heng
Epica Item: Extra Thick
How did I hear about Epica ? Well, I worked in California some years ago; my son from Michigan U, Ann Arbor also spent time working in Silicon Valley not too long ago. My daughter, also from Michigan U, has been to most parts of the United States. We have many friends all the way north (Canada) and down to North Carolina. Epica was a topic of discussion that cropped up every now and then, mainly from those who had the good fortune to receive as gifts Epica albums and journals. They do make wonderful gifts.

In this part of the world (Asia), many are widely traveled and have retained fond memories of the time they spent, the products they bought and the service received. On a per capita basis, Singaporeans (living on an island of some four million people) are the most widely travelled among Asians. Many have lived, studied and worked in the United States and Europe. They bring home a fairly sophisticated knowledge of the world and an enduring interest in the history, culture and economies of the places visited.

I was for some two decades a partner in a big-four CPA firm but now retired; presently, I am a consultant with the same firm. I also have interests in other businesses, and as hobbies indulge in travel photgraphy, dabble in landscape painting, collect fountain pens and look after a maltese pup when the wife's away.

The shipment I've ordered does seem large for a single individual. However, some of these are meant as gifts for friends and business associates residing in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. They have not traveled as much as I have, but they do know a good product when they see one.

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Heng

 Cheri Schappert
Epica Item: Handmade Amalfi Pages
City: Loomis
State: California
United States of America
The book arrived today and it is absolutely perfect. I am so thankful that I found your site and I truly appreciate the care that you took in getting it to us so promptly.

Thank you ... this is something that will be in our family for many years to come.

Cheri Schappert
Loomis CA

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