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 Jeffrey Heng
Epica Item: Extra Thick
How did I hear about Epica ? Well, I worked in California some years ago; my son from Michigan U, Ann Arbor also spent time working in Silicon Valley not too long ago. My daughter, also from Michigan U, has been to most parts of the United States. We have many friends all the way north (Canada) and down to North Carolina. Epica was a topic of discussion that cropped up every now and then, mainly from those who had the good fortune to receive as gifts Epica albums and journals. They do make wonderful gifts.

In this part of the world (Asia), many are widely traveled and have retained fond memories of the time they spent, the products they bought and the service received. On a per capita basis, Singaporeans (living on an island of some four million people) are the most widely travelled among Asians. Many have lived, studied and worked in the United States and Europe. They bring home a fairly sophisticated knowledge of the world and an enduring interest in the history, culture and economies of the places visited.

I was for some two decades a partner in a big-four CPA firm but now retired; presently, I am a consultant with the same firm. I also have interests in other businesses, and as hobbies indulge in travel photgraphy, dabble in landscape painting, collect fountain pens and look after a maltese pup when the wife's away.

The shipment I've ordered does seem large for a single individual. However, some of these are meant as gifts for friends and business associates residing in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. They have not traveled as much as I have, but they do know a good product when they see one.

Kind regards,
Jeffrey Heng

 Cheri Schappert
Epica Item: Handmade Amalfi Pages
City: Loomis
State: California
United States of America
The book arrived today and it is absolutely perfect. I am so thankful that I found your site and I truly appreciate the care that you took in getting it to us so promptly.

Thank you ... this is something that will be in our family for many years to come.

Cheri Schappert
Loomis CA

 Brucie Moore
Epica Item: Handmade Amalfi Pages
City: Corpus Christi
State: Texas
United States of America
Thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of duty I retrieved the box, opened it and saw the beautifully wrapped gifts. The paper will look lovely with the Mont Blanc paper wrapped pens.

THANK YOU so much for everything you have done to make our evening in Houston truly memorable. Thanks again I wanted you to know that everyone was THRILLED with their journals. We had LeGrand Mont Blanc pens and the gorgeous journals for each of our guests. It was an amazing evening called, "The Great Conversation", the primary fundraiser for the Honors College at the University of Houston. It was the 14th year of the event.

Each table has a conversationalist who is an expert in their particular field directing the evening's conversation. Our table's topic was weaving your life experiences into stories and poems. Two Syracuse University PhDs facilitated the conversation and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life! We talked for three hours with such great intensity that the time literally flew by.

It was a magical night and I must thank you again for your help in obtaining the journals. Everyone was so impressed!

Brucie Moore
Corpus Christi, TX

 Mary Robertson
Epica Item:
City: Cascapedia-St Jules
State: Quebec
I received the album today.. it is unbelievable… so beautiful... my daughter saw it and right away said it had the fleur de lys on it which is also the symbol for the province of Quebec. This album will be in a showcase with pictures from the 1880's taken on the Cascapedia River. The pictures are from an original album of Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's daughter. The exhibition is about her life called Princess Louise - A Woman of Substance. I was so pleased to find your albums, they have the look of old wealth. It will be opening this summer at the Cascapedia River Museum in Quebec, Canada. .The Cascapedia River was chosen as her summer home where she built her fishing camp - the first pre-fabricated building in Canada. The exhibition will be then travelling out west to Alberta, which was named after her. The river is considered to be one of the ten best Atlantic salmon fishing rivers in the world.

To find out more about the museum, look fo rour new site at the end of this week or which is already up.

if you are ever in this part of the world, drop in and see us. Also if you would, send me an email later this spring and I will send you a pic of the album in the display. Also if you are in New York in May, we will be hosting a supper for a newly relaesed book on the Cascapedia at the Anglers Club.

thank you for your interest,
Mary Robertson
Cascapedia-St Jules, Quebec Canada

 N. Bibi
Epica Item:
City: London
State: UK
United Kingdom
Many, many, many apologies and so seriously overdue, the biggest THANK YOU for the absolute gorgeous album. My gift to my cousin for his wedding was taking his photographers, and was in a panic of where to go for the album. How could i resist when i came across your website and once i received the album itself, i so much wanted to keep it for myself. But the best thing of all that put the smile on my face was when it was given to my cousin and the their face. Priceless. Thank you for help over the phone when needed and thank you for making it happen for one of the best wedding gifts ever. I'll definitely be coming back when it comes to my time. THANKYOU.

London, UK.
Picture Desk - TIME Magazine
Time Life International

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