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 K. Bardin
Epica Item:
City: San Diego
State: California
United States of America
I am a portrait photographer and have been searching for the 'perfect' album to use in my business and for personal use. I have seen a lot of albums for photographic use, but could never find what I was looking for until I discovered the Epica album. I purchased the 14X14 Epica album with black pages and was very impressed with the beauty and quality of this album. It was just what I have been searching for. The album is exquisite and not only has a rich look, but a rich feel to it. I had the cover debossed with a title which only added to the beauty of the album. The large size really afforded me the opportunity to be creative in assembling the album and the photographs looked great on the black pages. I will definitely be purchasing more of these beautiful Epica albums.

 G. Radionov
Epica Item:
United States of America
I am sorry that I have not thanked you properly for the photo album 14x14. My wife loves it and it was a perfect gift for Christmas. I glued in all fifteen 8x10 photos we had stored in a closet before. You should have seen my wife's face!! It was all worth it!!! Thank you again and I wish you million sales this coming year! It is my pleasure to put my name next to this product. My album is definitely going to be cherished through generations in our family.

 S. Hiller
Epica Item:
United States of America
When I first received my Epica Album, I was initially very pleased with the style and craftsmanship. However, I did flip the album around and to my dismay, there was a small (but noticeable to me) indentation that looked similar to that of a fingernail groove, about an inch long. It wasn't anything big, and my husband (who the album was for) did not think it was noticeable at all. And it WAS on the back, so unless you were looking for it, a person wouldn't see it.

However, MY attention kept darting back to it. I was hesitant, but I emailed the team at Epica and described my concern. I knew that the mark was probably due to the variations in the leather itself as opposed to the craftsmanship, but I was a little disappointed that the back of the album did not match the front in terms of unblemished beauty.

Quite immeditely, I received a warmfelt response that sympathized with my concern and Epica offered me a very quick solution: they would send a pre-paid UPS sticker and I could pop my album back in the mail and when they received it, they would handpick another album for me.

My new album arrived VERY quickly, and it was perfect! The best thing was, there was a handwritten note included that told me that someone actually took the time to address me.

Quality of album aside, Epica has my highest regard in terms of customer service, for which I am grateful for. Many other companies may have sighed and dragged their feet in helping me, but Epica proved to be outstanding in their regards for their clients. Amazing.

Epica Item:
City: Los Angeles
State: California
United States of America
I just received my gorgeous 10x12 leather photo album and it is the perfect place to house my cherished wedding photos. The album itself is a work of art - supple Italian leather with thick cream pages, obviously created by hand with fine craftsmanship. The price was truly a steal for such a luxurious album, especially compared to what my photographer was going to charge me for one of her's that wasn't nearly as nice! And it was such a pleasure doing business with your company that I've already recommended you to a number of my friends. Thank you for everything.

 J. M. B.
Epica Item:
City: Westminster
State: California
United States of America
I'm an avid movie fanatic. Through the years I've collected many autographed photos from the stars. Some personalized to me and some of actors no longer with us. Instead of covering my walls with pictures, I felt a good quality album would suffice. Then I came across your 10x12 Photo Album. Leather bound with rice paper photo protectors between each page....PERFECT!!! It lays on my coffee table were friends and guests can browse through it easily. As a bonus, it matches my furniture too!! Thanks a bunch.

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