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 C. Chamberlain
Epica Item:
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
United States of America
What is most important is the quality of these items. Your products are made very well, while many other companies selling journals etc... are not made as well... Also, because your products are hand made they are espetially beautiful and the craftmanship is quite noticable. I was very pleased with the presentation of my photo album. I love the marbelized paper on the dust cover and the felt bag was wonderful. Keep it up! You're doing a wonderful job! I am a student at the University of Utah and I am a vocal performance major.

 N. P. W.
Epica Item: Extra Thick
City: West Jordan
State: Utah
United States of America
I have a 19 year old son away from home this Christmas who is drawn to quality gifts. He asked for a Polo Ralph leather journal or something similar. After spending several hours of research on the internet I ordered the EPICA 6x9 extra thick distressed leather journal. This is 10 times the journal as the Polo for about the same price (much larger, more pages, better look & feel, more intimate, etc., etc.). I ordered very late in the afternoon and it was shipped out that same day - wow. I emailed EPICA some questions regarding their products before ordering and got a response back right away. Couldn't be more pleased. I received the journal a day earlier than anticipated (because of a late afternoon ship-out) and in plenty of time to re-ship it to my son for a great Christmas day present. Good job EPICA.

 T. Morris
Epica Item: Extra Thick
United States of America
I received my journal in the mail today (one day ahead of the expected delivery date :) I am in awe of the incomparable beauty of this book. The binding, the leather, the size, the smell, the feel..........It's absolutely the best journal I've ever had the pleasure of owning. I purchased the extra thick 6X9 inch leather journal. It is perfection. I love the spine and the fact that it's rather weighty. It really is over 2 inches thick. Wow!! is all I could say when I opened the box. I love the velvety bag it comes in. You are too awesome. I have to buy more. Thank you so much for a great product. I'm going to buy another one. I think I will buy the hand-cut 6X9 and then I will wait before I write in the one I have now and I'll keep the one I like the best and give the other one to my mom.......or maybe I will keep them both because I don't think I'll be able to choose between them.

 Diana B.
Epica Item: Hand Cut
City: El Paso
State: Texas
United States of America
I bought the 11X15 size journal with hand cut paper as a gift for my husband; my idea was that he could use it as a guest book for his cabin. I hoped he would like it. He LOVES it. He can hardly even let anyone write in it! (though he's getting over that) After getting it out, he puts it back in the fabric drawstring bag it came in - every time. It really is beautiful - heavy, rich, and dark with gorgeous, smooth cream pages. Thank you!

 T. Conklin
Epica Item: Hand Cut
City: Wesely Chapel
State: Florida
United States of America
Several months ago we spoke on the phone when I was looking for a leather bound journal. After we got off the phone I purchased the lined "Journal of Thoughts". The book was truly a beautiful piece of art. I wish all the books in my library could have the same quality and bindings as the books from Epica. Alas I have completed that journal and today have purchased the next one. However this time I took your advise and bought the unlined, 8X10 journal with hand cut pages. I anticipate it's arrival as a child looks for Santa on Christmas. The quality of your books is unsurpassed and I have yet to find their equal. You were very gracious on the phone and a joy to speak with. Thank you for your advice, your assistance, and you wonderful books.

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