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Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
City: Bountiful
State: Utah
United States of America
The imported journals sold by Epica are the perfect blend of functionality and old world charm. The perfect place to put thoughts, stories and memories for a lifetime. If you just want to write, any note pad will do; but if you want to be inspired, these leather journals are the only way to go.

Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
United States of America
My experience with Epica was excellent. Their journals are exquisite and the craftsmanship that goes into making them is unrivaled. Epica is in a class of its own, offering products that are hand-crafted to perfection ... The books are weighty and feel soft and substantial in your hands. The quality of the leather, the paper, the binding, etc. makes the cost inconsequential. They package the journal carefully in a beautiful felt drawstring satchel and a box containing the Epica logo. They are an EXCELLENT company to do business with.

 G. Valentine
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
United States of America
I just opened up the box and all I can say is, wow! I don't know why, but the larger size is even better looking than smaller size I am currently using. These are, by far, the best looking journals I have seen. Thank you once again for a beautiful product.

G. Valentine

Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
City: Ballantine
State: Montana
United States of America
Wow! I have always bought my journals in stores, and this is the first time that I have ever looked online. I AM SO GLAD I DID! Your journals are stunning. I love the fact that they look so time worn; it gives the impression that your ideas entered therein will improve with age just as the appearance of the journal will. The idea of old-time nostalgia is an idea that seems to have gone by the wayside, in your journals though, I see a vestige of a day gone by: pride in ones work, true craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a sense of romanticism.

 T. McAleer
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
United States of America
Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the journal. I've gone back and forth between yellow pad portfolio's and copy books and struggled to find a functional yet stylish journal for my daily business needs. With the EPICA product, I've found the right balance of quality, style and value.
Interesting story on how I acquired the journal(s): I had one of your brochures on my desk at home. My wife saw the brochure and decided to order one as a present for Father's Day. The Friday before Father's Day I ordered one on my own. Needless to say, my wife was disappointed that I ended up with two journals and once again she wasn't able to surprise me with a gift. At least I have a backup when I fill mine up.

Good Luck on the business. I have already had several clients and peers ask about the journal. It is definitely a conversation piece.

T. McAleer

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