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 Janice Law
Epica Item: Handmade Amalfi Pages
City: Detroit
State: Michigan
United States of America
Amazing service! Beautiful Journal!

Three years ago I ordered my Handmade Italian Distressed Leather Journal with Handmade Amalfi Pages for my 1st anniversary (PAPER anniversary). It was beautifully embossed in gold with our names on it. It was a surprise for my husband and I wanted to have it before we left for our 1-year belated honeymoon trip. For some reason it didn't arrive before we left and I called EPICA.

They were so understanding of my situation that they immediately hand-made/embossed another journal for me and delivered it to my honeymoon resort in Belize in Central America. It arrived just in time for our Anniversary dinner celebration on the beach. We were able to journal in this gorgeous book and it added a beautiful romantic touch!

Thanks Epica!

 Tiffany Erickson
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
United States of America
Thank you so very much for all you did with regard to the journal we ordered from you for our CEOís retirement party. The new journal is beautiful. We know he will fall in love with it and will be excited to have it on display in his home.

We appreciate all EPICA has done to satisfy another customer. You have outdone yourselves.

Thank you again. Have a great day!

T Erickson
People Services Coordinator
Musicianís Friend

 Yousef Ainabi
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
not listed
I received the package today.. it looks amazing, great work. It's exactly as i imagined.

Many thanks for making one human being, who's thousands of miles away, extremely happy.



 Rebecca Christgau
Epica Item: Hand Cut
not listed
Hello, hope all is well and that 2009 is a good year for you. And what a day this is, one of those landmark days that will be recorded in history as your new president is inaugurated and the world waits expectantly for change........ and a for me...... well, it is the day that my lovely book arrived........ I knew it was destined to be special.

And it is lovely, perfect in every way, as it the paper.

Please accept my sincere, if long distant, thanks for getting the book to me. I am absolutely delighted with it and to you for all your assistance.

Kind regard to you and all at Epica


 Carole Rosenberger
Epica Item: Leather Journal/Book/Album
City: West Hills
State: CA
United States of America
Wow, I am impressed. Not only with the fast delivery, but with the lovely packaging, free gift, and of course the gorgeous handmade journal. These are books in the old fashioned sense, worthy of monks and scribes through the ages. When Hollywood Central Casting asks for a tome, this is what they should get. I just love it. As I'm local, would you open a storefront so I can come up and spend some time with the rest of your stock?

Thanks very much,

Carole Rosenberger

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