Huge size with a unique rectangular look
Huge size with a unique rectangular look Cognac Unique six rib spine and acid free pages Gorgeous Acid Free Pages Acid Free Cream Pages Espresso with Black pages

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Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica
Benefits of shopping with Epica

14x18 Extra Large Italian Leather Photo Album

Epica is pleased to introduce something very special. When it comes to large photo albums we have always been limited to a square shape. But now you can enjoy one of our exquisitely large leather albums in more traditional 14x18 size. It's a shape that we find much more manageable and more book like in its appearance. We've also added some additional ridges along the spine to really make it stand out.

14x18 Italian Leather Photo Album, enormous, unique rectangular design, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and panoramic image capacity, heavyweight blank 40lb acid-free archival photo stock for superior mounting, interleaved rice paper separators with chiseled square design to protect images, sturdy reinforced pages for durability, thick bookbinding boards, signature distressed solid leather construction, subtle inconsistent color marbling and scarring with handcrafted abrasions, reinforced signature raised spine in six places for a timeless look, hand pressed panels for easy opening and closing. Imported from and made in Italy.

- Mount images using corners, squares, or mounting glue
- 50 mounting sheets = 100 pages front and back
- Accommodates up to 100 8x10 images or
- Fits 600 5x7 or 4x6 images
- 2 inch thick album
- Complimentary gift box, signature tissue paper and seal included with purchase

Exact inside dimension:

- 14x18: 13 x 17 inches
- 18x14: 17 x 13 inches

Some embossing notes:
  • Any color will work well on this leather
  • Choose metallic colors for high contrast or blind or black for a more classic look
  • We recommend a longer inscription on this large album. Our largest font will look fairly small in proportion
  • Add a logo or custom image for further personalization
  • Consider one line 1/3 from top, centered, and another line in the right corner

How do you mount photos into Epica Albums? Click for the demo

Original retail price: 18x14 (Horizontal) $480 Only two left!

Price: $480.00

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14x18 Extra Large Italian Leather Photo Album
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